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Meet Ethan Blackbird

What was your inspiration to begin learning the drums?

Well, I tried the flute, and that didn’t work out. My sister already played piano. All my friends already played guitar. So . . . drums? Best decision ever.

what bands influence your drumming style?
  • Animals as Leaders
  • The Arusha Accord
  • August Burns Red
  • Between the Buried and Me
  • Dave Weckl Band
  • Haken
  • Periphery
  • Thank You Scientist [sic]
  • TesseracT
  • Trioscapes
what professional drummers influence you and why?
  • Matt Garstka, Animals as Leaders
  • Matt Greiner, August Burns Red
  • Blake Richardson, Between the Buried and Me
  • Dave Weckl, Dave Weckl Band
  • Virgil Donati
  • Travis Orbin
  • Adam Tuminaro